Tender Loving Care




Jewelry Care

  • Try and store pieces individually in acid free tissue paper, cotton cloth, jewelry boxes or pouches to prevent scratching and tangling.


  • Avoid storing pieces in direct sunlight


  • Avoid placing excess strain on necklaces, bracelets and chains as it will weaken the links.


  • Not all jewelry is not waterproof so please avoid contact with water where possible. If you do get water on them, dry them immediately with a soft cotton cloth.


  • Try and avoid contact with substances such as hairspray, perfume, lotions or harsh chemicals which may affect the finish. The best way to protect your pieces is to spray your perfume or hairspray and wait 5 minutes before you put your jewelry on.

Tender Loving Care

Your jewelry and accessories are hand made and delicate items, please remember treat them with much love and care!


You will receive your items wrapped acid free tissue paper or in a jewelry pouch. For anything extra fragile, they may be temporarily wrapped in bubble wrap for transportation purposes. You do not need to store them in the bubble wrap, but we do encourage you to keep them in the tissue paper you receive them in.




General Cleaning

  • The body contains its own oils, and each person has different acid levels in their skin which can change the color of your jewelry by being transferred onto jewelry pieces when you wear them. To maintain the shine and finish of each piece we suggest you wipe over pieces with a soft cotton cloth after each wear. It becomes tedious, and sometimes you can't be bothered, but trust us, it helps your jewelry come a long way!


  • Sterling silver oxides over time which can lead to the metal darkening and loosing its shine. You can clean your sterling silver pieces with a silver polishing cloth or a silver cleaning detergent/bath, both available from jewelers. Make sure you follow the directions as per the packaging of the product you purchase


  • Brass jewelry will oxide over time turning a darker, more vintage looking gold. You can either leave your brass like this if you are happy with the way it looks or you can polish it using a brass cleaner such as Brasso (found in supermarkets). Make sure you follow the instructions on the packaging when using this product on your jewelry. Make sure to wipe off any excess product off the metal on your jewelry.


  • Items of jewelry or accessories that contain Fabric or Ribbon can be cleaned first by using non scented baby wipes. Gently wipe the area to remove the marks left my make up etc. If this doesn't work you can wet the area, squeeze a small amount of hand detergent into your fingers and rub over wet area, then rinse with warm water until all the detergent has gone.


  • With all cleaning take care not to get products or water on your gemstones or crystals and make sure to dry them properly.


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