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The jewelry!

Design your own custom jewelry!


My interest in jewelry making began over a decade ago after being given 50 strands of pearls and finding the necessity do do something with this gift. Forging forward from stringing necklaces to wire work and on to soldering and metal working, my interest in jewelry has evolved.



From the beginning, I have drawn on inspiration from history and the everyday to create jewelry that is elegant, personal and timeless.



The jewelry you see on this website can be used as inspiration to design your own custom piece. I'll work with you on the design using an existing piece as a starting point or an entirely new idea! Please read Custom Design Policy.




Amazing handmade jewelry you'll love!

The design!

I make some great jewelry pieces!

Oh ... and I also offer some great affordable freelance design services too!

I offer competitive services in logo, web, newletters, brochures, and layout design. I provide a friendly and professional service where I am always at my clients' disposal.


I have worked with individual small businesses along with charity organizations for over 10 years.

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